Sunday, 21 September 2014

Quilt progress

Been away in Sidmouth since Friday in the camper, highlight meeting up with our good friends Linda and Ian on Saturday and their darling doggy Max. 

So tonight, just done a little bit, as you can see all the strips are cut, did that before we went and have sewn together 5 16 square blocks....
Bear in mind I need forty it could take some time...
Hope everyone is well.

K x 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Liberty's Owl, Raptor & Reptile Sanctuary - Ringwood, Hampshire

What an amazing experience we had at Liberty's - it was an afternoon with the birds.... this Sanctuary does amazing work and the chap that spent the afternoon with us was so passionate about the birds and what he does..... Just fabulous.  Here are some photos for you.

Gorgeous Barn Owl

American Kestrel - she was super cute - Fifi

Harris Hawk
Tawny Owl

Tawny Owl

This is Liberty - The bald eagle (not as in no hair - bald as in short for piebald)
Elvis the Barn Owl having a head massage - he loves it !

If you can visit it's a wonderful place, there are bird displays of them flying, the birds are also out of their cages so you can take photos, you can go for an experience like we did, there is a cafe and also a reptile house.  Without public support these birds would not be in the sanctuary, many of them are rescues.

k x

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Well and truly over card making

Its sad isn't it when I am sitting here making cards and begrudging the time it's taking and not enjoying it one is a card I made today, uninspiring and quite honestly not one of my better cards....trouble is I am getting so little recreation time that when I do all I want to do is sew.....

In between waking up and hoping to work or just before sleep I leap on the machine to get even a couple of strips sewn...bonkers I know. 

However, it's not all work, yesterday we gave the house a good clean, went on two walks and had friends for dinner which was wonderful, the dinner not the house work so much but I do like a bit of good cleaning.....

Today, walked picked two more boxes of blackberries to be made into blackberry and apple pies tomorrow night when I make the carrot and squash soup as we dug up a load of carrots today. Tonight planted out the leeks, kale and cabbage in the veg garden, some salad leaves in the greenhouse and some more cabbage seeds to go in when the beans have finished.  Between 12 and 3 we were on our bird of prey experience at Libertys in Ringwood, the owl, raptor and reptile sanctuary. It was incredible, photos to follow when I have put them on the computer. What amazing work they do there and so worth a visit. It was an anniversary treat that we had to postpone because of bad weather. Truly magical, even a bald eagle to hold.....

Another walk with Barney and then a session in the hot tub, so like I say not all work.....

The sewing machine sits quietly in the corner along with my yet to be named dressmakers form.

K x 
Some more strips ready to go....
I don't like mess one bit.....clear up time.

Friday, 12 September 2014

An assistant arrives....

My beautiful assistant who was going to be Delilah before arrival, but then became Dolly on the way home in the car and has now become let me think about it....a name will no doubt spring to mind, at the moment she looks pretty naked so to speak and without personality.  Can't wait to get her set up and get going. However for those who know me well I have trouble having more than one project in the go at once so we will see.....
The four fat quarters from the basket are cut into strips ready for sewing together for the quilt, but having worked out the maths I am still going to be short so will cut up some more - really scraping the scrap pile now.......

Thursday, 11 September 2014

A new quilt is born

Apparently a sweet sixteen quilt is a GREAT way to use up scraps and I thought "great" the basket is full of scraps I can use....... So I hooked out a lot of fat quarters that had been sitting waiting and began cutting them up.
Here are the strips cut up ready to sew back together again. Basically you make 2.5" wide strips which you sew in pairs and then sew two pairs together to make a strip of four. Once sewn and the seams pressed one way you cut them into 2 1/2" strips and then re join them making blocks to then be sewn into a quilt.  The other squares will just be plain fabric, all washed and ready to go. 

 The last photo shows their example, sorry about the shadows and rubbish pictures. Hours spent so far 8 hours (been busy so not much quilting going on).   I intend to keep a note of the hours it takes for the whole project.  It's a quilt for our camper van.
Now I discover I am never going to get 160 strips out of the scraps I have out so have found some more and am busy cutting, sewing and ironing those.  I think it's going to take quite a bit of time to sew the blocks together as I have to get all the points of the seams lined up.  Not sure if I will pin them all first or pin as I go.

Happy weekend everyone.

K x