Monday, 26 January 2015

Stour Head Gardens, Mere, Wiltshire.

Phillip and I belong to the National Trust and at this time of the year you can walk in the actual gardens with the dog (until the end of February).  The rest of the year you can only go in after 4.00 p.m.which I can kind of understand as it gets very busy.  Sadly as usual there were the naughty dog owners who let their dog off the lead despite being asked at the entrance to keep them on the lead.  There were also naughty parents allowing their children to go in areas which are out of bounds at this time of the year!  It was a beautiful sunny winter's day so thought I would share some photos with you.
They have a wonderful grotto at Stourhead, which I did photograph but with it being under ground the photos weren't very good - you'll just have to go and experience it yourself LOL.
Half way round there is an old cottage where you can get takeaway tea/coffee and a chocolate bar which was really enjoyable sitting in the sun shine.
 There is a pub on site with a sunny courtyard if you want a meal, as well as a take away place for tea/coffee and bacon rolls.  There is also a restaurant at the car park where they serve hot food as well as sandwiches etc.  We had a sandwich and a drink for lunch and I had a mooch in the shop.  I bought a couple of dog print scarves, a small rucksack, some notelets and a bar of marzipan chocolate (Phillip loves it).  Most of my purchases were in the sale so picked up some bargains.

We have walked the grounds before with the dog, up to King Alfreds Tower and seen the obelisk etc, but by the time we had seen everything around the lake, which involved doing the whole thing twice the dog was starting to tire so we stopped for his benefit.

We went into the Church, you will often find us looking in churches, Phillip, me and the dog.  We were looking at the Hoare family script and I felt Barney trembling up his lead - I looked at him, he was absolutely terrified, the most frightened I have ever seen him, shaking and trying to get close to the ground, tail between his legs, look of fear on his face.  Phillip thought he might be having a fit but I said no he's scared, we took him outside straight away and he was fine.  I think he felt the presence of a spirit!

All in all a lovely trip out and highly recommended.

K x

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Jersey top and a couple of cards

My sewing magazine this month had this Jersey top in, which I thought I would have a go at. The jersey went through the overlocker beautifully and the top was pretty easy to do BUT I don't like it, I look like a house end and I will never wear it.  (I have a much larger set of boobies compared to the lovely lass that is modelling in the magazine.  Delilah does not have the boobies done yet either so she looks relatively ok - put boobs into the top and honestly - it's like a circus tent)
Putting aside that I don't like it I am really pleased I finished it and I think I did a reasonable job of it. It's all practice and experience isn't it. Delilah is still not completely covered yet, I will finish her shortly. I just want to get a couple of pounds off before the final fit.
Sadly both cards are for sad events. The first for someone whose father died. All the supplies are Stampin up.
The second in the loss of a faithful hound. Both losses felt just as hard I am afraid. 

Not sure what I will do next but hopefully something I will actually wear!

K x 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


What an amazing morning this morning, crisp, cold, bright and the type of morning you feel really alive.  I was walking with Barney along the river bank this morning and took this shot with my mobile phone - I didn't realise until I up loaded it what a beautiful photo it was and how like a painting it was.  Not wanting to blow my own trumpet - I am no photographer, but I just thought it was worth sharing.

A little tiny second of piece - when all seemed right with the world

K x

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Christmas Cake !

I was cutting up the cake last night and thought before I did I would take a photo of it.  I had made two, the other one was chopped up before Christmas and gifted to friends and family as well as eaten over Christmas.

I made the cake frill from some free fabric in one of my sewing magazines, there was enough to do a heat resistant Christmas mat and the frill.  The cake has been well received.  It's Father in Law's birthday today and they are popping in to see us at the business, so have brought some in for them to have with a cup of tea.

K x

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Father in laws birthday

I have been busy with various council duties so not much time to create, however this is for dad in law's birthday which is Thursday. Stampin up card, paper, ribbon and sentiments, lili image. 
I have also been adjusting a jean pattern, it's a course by Angeka Wolf on Craftsy, I don't know about you but getting jeans to fit is a nightmare. This course teaches you how to make the perfect fit for you using a pattern and then how to make the jeans. She is brilliant and I am loving this course. Craftsy is such a great place to learn. 

Our work facebook page is doing great, if you fancy a peep we are Churchview Joinery Ltd. 

K x